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We are a lively and friendly group of miniaturists that meet monthly in Fort Myers, Florida.

Miniatures are addictive!   Like potato chips you can't just stop at one! The hobby of making miniatures is very varied, it can include aspects from many other hobbies - such as woodwork, polymer clay, fabric, cross-stitch, paper crafts... to name but a few.  Perfect for the hobbyist that likes to try new things! 

Our group is a mixture of ages and backgrounds, but we all have one important thing in common - a love for all things small!  We bring together decades of experience.  Some members are new to the hobby and enjoy marveling at, and learning from the more practiced members.  In turn the experienced members like passing on their knowledge and sharing their hobby with 'newbies'! 

At each meeting one of our members hosts a project.  Each month is different and unique.  It's is also a great chance for all members to learn new techniques and get some hands on experience in an area they might not have tried before.

Every year we also undertake a larger project.  Each member of the group is supplied with a room box type kit.The group then customizes these kits to a theme.  You can view some of our previous years projects in our Photo Gallery.

If you are interested in joining our fun and active club please contact us for more information.

Mini De-Lights

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